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Fleggybobs promote eco-efficiency, creativity, togetherness and wellbeing with a bit of fun!

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A picture of a Fleggybob called Jeff
A picture of Jeff in his Flabitat with a Fable and Flossary

Post a picture of your Fleggybob online using #fleggybobs and share your creation.


Hopefully Coming Soon!!

Fleggybob Kits: The kits progress in difficulty so that children can build on their STEAM and fine motor skills as well as their creativity and confidence.

Fleggybob Factory: Everything you need to set up your own production line.

Fleggybob Faybles:

The Flossary; A larger, beautifully illustrated version of the dictionary.

The Handbook 2nd ed: Everything you need to know on how to look after your Fleggybob.

The Firstbook 2nd ed: The story of the first ever Fleggybob and how it came to make a friend.

Notify me when available.