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Here at Fleggybob HQ we endeavour to find ways to be thrifty with resources yet generous with our C.A.R.E for others and the environment.

Can you spare £3.00 for the Rainbow Trail's chosen charity:

Our chosen charity EACH

We'll print and send you the printables from our FREE Fleggybob homeschool resource and whilst stocks last we'll send you these Fleggybob feet:

#fleggyfeet A picture of a Fleggybob feet to be used in a rainbow
#printable A picture of a the Fleggybob free printable resources
#rainbow A picture of Rainbow made with Fleggybob feet

We flummaged these in our old stock bin and couldn't think what to do with them. Well the Fleggybobs must have sung there magic flullaby because in the morning we'd had a fleggtastic idea! We realised they look like little rainbow hearts, so we cut them out and stuck them in our window to say thank you to all the hard working key workers out there. A fleggtastic recrafted flonk that you can recreate for yourself.

Other ways that we C.A.R.E:

We support women’s co-ops in India who flummage silk sari cut-offs and newspaper then re-spin it into fluff, yarns and ribbons to be turned into fleggyfloss. Even the silkworm cocoons are flummaged. Profits go to these women and their families. Find out more here.

We help the Big C charity where we flummage some of the best fleggtasticbands and fleggtasticbutns plus yarns, jumpers and t-shirts to turn into fleggyfloss. Find out more here.

We flummage in our own feedinbins! We turn our waste plastic into plarn (plastic yarn, yes there is such a thing!) to be used in our fleggyfloss.

Where possible we use recycled, natural, biodegradable or sustainable products. We are always working on DIY versions of our products so that, with a fairly-useful-adult, you can produce them yourselves with little impact on the environment.

We flonk morsbags. Find out more here.

We are also developing a fleggtastic free resource for schools. Watch this space!