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The Fleggybob filosophy is a belief that if you C.A.R.E for yourself, others and the environment, it creates a never-ending circle of C.A.R.E.

What does C.A.R.E mean?

A image showing a small badge with the CARE filosophy on it

A image showing the fleggy circle of care in words

A Fleggybob’s general inability to make judgements (fairlydissfunctional) and their belief that something is awesome just for being itself (fleggtastic) creates a diverse environment where others feel they can be their true selves without fear of being judged. Unfortunately, it also creates a chaotic and unproductive one. Luckily, they counteract this with a honey-sounding magic song sung at midnight to summon solutions to solve problems (flullaby). This encourages a give-it-a-go attitude which promotes confidence and resilience. It has also led to a thrifty ability to chew, consume, reuse, recraft or reinvent stuff they find in bins (flummage). Fleggybobs have a huge capacity to C.A.R.E for others without expecting anything in return (filanthropy) and a generous ability to freely pay a random act of kindness forward rather than pay it back (flonk).

"A kind act, word or gift paid forward not back or behind,
Sometimes given, sometimes hidden for someone else to find."

All these lovely things give children the courage to use their imaginations, solve problems creatively, believe in themselves, be brave and to bounce back when dealing with fears and failures. It teaches children to build caring, sharing, sustainable relationships with themselves, others and the environment. Most importantly Fleggybobs are friends that children can trust in, be themselves with and have fun with.

WARNING: May also cause chaos!