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Flossary: (say floss-a-ree)
A list of Fleggybob words and their meanings.

Fleggybob: (say fleg-eee-bob)
A fluffy, scruffy ball sized creature with floppy flat feet.

Flabitat: (say flab-eee-tat)
Where Fleggybobs live, rumoured to be under your floorboards or in old school attics. Here they form small fairlydissfunctional, but caring communities called fleets.

Fleet: (say fleet)
The collective noun for fleggybobs; a fleet of fleggybobs.

Fairlydissfunctional: (say fair-lee-dis-funk-shun-all)
A general inability to make any judgements. Great for a non-judgemental environment but not so great for a productive one. Thankfully they have a flullaby .

Flullaby: (say flul-a-bye)
A honey-sounding magic song sung at midnight by Fleggybobs to summon solutions to solve problems - often random and seemingly useless ideas, but creative and fun nonetheless. A Fleggybob faced with failure is fun to have around.

Flummage: (say flum-ij)
A Fleggybob’s thrifty ability to chew, consume, reuse, recraft or reinvent stuff they find in bins and dusty forgotten corners. Unfortunately, they also flummage anything left lying around, such as odd socks, car keys, books, stationary and anyone’s left shoe. Luckily, they randomly return these things, sometimes gift-wrapped.

Feedinbin: (say feed-ing-bin)
Something to stuff full of rubbish to tempt fleggybobs, so that they don’t flummage your things and trash your bins. Use a bottle lid, yoghurt pot or even a silkworm’s cocoon.

Fleggybag: (say fleg-eee-bag)
Something a Fleggybob sleeps or travels in. You will often find them snuggled up in a man-sized sock or bobble hat.

Flasp: (say flah-sp)
Something that holds a Fleggybob together. Let’s face it, we all need something to hold us together!

Fleggyfloss: (say fleg-eee-floss)
A Fleggybob’s fluffy, scruffy fur made from stuff they have flummaged. Anything that can be chewed into strips can become fleggyfloss, including newspaper, plastic bags, unravelled jumpers and old clothes. Anything flummaged that can’t be chewed is stashed away in their fleggydens to be reused, recrafted or returned, often gift-wrapped.

Fleggyden: (say fleg-eee-den)
A Fleggybob’s cosy, colourful house made from flummaged stuff and normally filled to the brim with flummaged things. Their flabitats tend to be dark places as they’re not keen on bright light. This means there are no flowers, instead colourful mushrooms grow. A flabitat full of fleggydens with a fleet of Fleggybobs is a feast for the eyes!

Filosophy: (say fill-oss-o-fee)
A Fleggybob’s belief that if you C.A.R.E for yourself, others and the environment, it creates a never-ending circle of C.A.R.E.

What does C.A.R.E mean?

A image showing a small badge with the C.A.R.E filosophy on it

A image showing the fleggy circle of care in words

Fleggtastic: (say fleg-tas-tic)
Something that is awesome for no other reason than just being itself. Fleggybobs are fleggtastic they have no reason to hide anything and no reason to prove anything. They are genuinely open and honest despite being full of rubbish.

Filanthropy: (say fil-an-thro-pee)
A Fleggybob’s huge capacity to C.A.R.E for themselves, others and the environment without expecting anything in return. They like to freely pay a random act of kindness forward rather than pay it back. It is known as a flonk.

Flonk: (say flonk)
"A kind act, word or gift paid forward not back or behind,
Sometimes given, sometimes hidden for someone else to find."

Have you ever had someone do something kind for you? Opened a door? Loaned you a book? Shared their lunch? Said something nice? Fleggybobs have a generous ability to freely flonk these acts of kindness. flonks can travel far and wide, spreading kindness and connecting people.

Flonkwalloper: (say flonk-wol-a-per)
A tiny niggle no bigger than a speck of dust that says a flonk should receive something in return. flonkwallopers are always there but Fleggybobs don’t take any notice as they can fulfil their own needs with C.A.R.E. Therefore, they require nothing in return for a flonk.

Fayble: (say fay-ball)
A Fleggybob book or story. Fleggybobs love a good fayble and have their own special mini fayble that they read every night. They encourage others to read and to write their own faybles. They particularly like to flonk a fayble.

Fleggtasticband: and Fleggtasticbutn: (say fleg-tas-tic-band and fleg-tas-tic-butt-on)
A small fleggtastic circle of C.A.R.E you can make, keep, flonk or wear.

Filem: (say fill-em)
Something you watch. Fleggybobs like to watch filems on YouTube, especially their own.

Fairly-useful-adult: (say fair-lee-yoos-ful-ad-olt)
You’ll need one of these to help you make your very own Fleggybob. You can flummage for everything you need or Fleggybobs can supply it. Everything except the fairly-useful-adult, they’re too difficult to post!

Fenomenon: (say fen-om-en-on)
The fleggtastic fayble of Fleggybobs and how they came to be.