Welcome to Fleggybobs

DEFINITION: A small pumpkin-sized creature with bad hair. Rumoured to live in old school attics, they appear after dark to feed on pen lids, rubbers and homework books.

It is believed that Fleggybobs can make troubles disappear by gathering together at midnight to sing a magic song. Those who have Fleggybobs in their school experience a feeling of ‘things being better’ in the morning.

(And pens with no lids, nibbled rubbers and the loss of homework books!)

About Fleggybobs...


A Fleggybob workshop is a unique and creative idea to ease transition from pre-school to big school. Get your FREE workshop here!

Books & Kits

Our books tell you all you need to know about Fleggybobs and come with a kit and instructions on how to make your very own Fleggybob.

Fun Stuff

Download instructions to make your own Fleggybob, sing the fleggy song, recite the fleggy poem and dance a flegtastic dance!


Fleggybobs are a small home run family business passionate about inspiring creativity and imagination in children using fun stories and craft activities.